Nétive starts fulfilling international ambitions

Rijswijk, 17th of June 2015

Together with partner Staffing Management Services, an independent managed services provider, Nétive has started fulfilling its international strategic ambitions. The software recently has been implemented successfully within Germany, Italy and Finland. Furthermore, Nétive is in the process of extending its international partner network in Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Partner strategy

Patrick Tiessen, CEO of Nétive stated:”We prefer working with partners. Within The Netherlands, our partner focus has proven to be very successful. Our partners service and support their customers in professionally managing contingent workforce using our technology. Emphasizing: we think that our partners are essential to a successful implementation of our technology and the processes supported by our technology. We strategically chose to fulfill our international ambitions using our extending partner network.”


“Using Salesforce technology, we were able to create and market an extremely flexible workforce management system, that is easily localized through configuration to legal, legislative and regulatory needs.”, Tiessen explains. “Also, our software is multilingual by nature and can be provided in any language necessary. The flexibility of our software combined with our partner strategy enables our partners and Nétive to create great business opportunities internationally.”

About Nétive

Founded in 2003, Nétive has achieved more than 140 successful implementations for clients. The organization consists of 25 full time employees, and focuses on creating state of the art software to manage all facets of contingent workforce, including recruitment and management of perm or temporary staff and independent contractors. Procurement to pay. The workforce management system has become an integrated suite consisting of an applicant tracking system (ATS), vendor management system (VMS) and freelancer management system (FMS), offering total talent management for both procurement and human resources departments.

About Staffing Management Services

Staffing MS was founded in 2008 and excels in managing contingent workforce through several MSP programs. Staffing MS can provide consultancy, implementation or MSP services and has the ambition to (re)organize contingent workforce to ensure the right candidate based on appropriate agreements, safeguarding compliancy and cost control. Transparency, manageability and insight are the basis of all operations. Staffing MS is a neutral, independent MSP to ensure optimal representation of their client’s needs, without harming any candidate or supplier’s position. With over 30 implementations, 40 employees and 2500 contracts managed, Staffing MS is a leading MSP within The Netherlands.

For more information

Please contact Nétive through our website, or by phone: Patrick Tiessen, +316-218-734-88