Nétive: Strong position in international VMS market

Rijswijk, The Netherlands, 30th of June 2015.

The leading contingent workforce research institute “Staffing Industry Analysts” organized the CWS Summit Event on the 21st and 22nd of April 2015. The summit was designed to accommodate strategic buyers of contingent workforce and human resources professionals, and was attended by more than 300 executives from organizations from 16 countries. Nétive has sponsored this event and contributed substantively to this event as well. Forthcoming this event, Staffing Industry Analysts presented the results of their research in the VMS Service differentiators report 2015. We would like to brief you on the general findings of this report. We interviewed co-founder and product architect Chris Neddermeijer to relate the significance of these general findings of this report to Nétive.

General trends

Leading VMS software vendors show a dynamic technological growth. Customers are more demanding in this competitive market, driving VMS software vendors to vast improvements and innovations. Current observed general trends in the international market are: global expansion, mobility, total talent management, statement of work and data analytics.

International development

The position of Nétive compared to large international VMS software vendors is at least notable at the international level playing field.  We interviewed Chris Neddermeijer, co-founder of Nétive and responsible for Nétive’s product strategy, on his general opinion on the published results in the VMS Service Differentiators Report and Nétive’s position in the report particularly. “Obviously, we are monitoring the developments in the contingent labour market closely, and successfully keep up or even exceed the market’s needs. The aforementioned trends are recognized by Nétive and we’re already able to provide our customers and partners in these current and future needs, both in The Netherlands as well as internationally”, states Neddermeijer. “Our solution already integrates both recruitment of temporary and perm staff as part of a Total Talent Management program, and leads the field of data analytics in workforce management. The VMS Service Differentiators report also mentions the novelty of an integrated freelancer management system (FMS) in a VMS: this integration is already present in our application for years. Currently, we’re expanding our system with career counseling support as a part of our job mobility solution. Statement of Work is being developed and prominently present on our roadmap.”. The degree of innovation of Nétive is clearly recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts: “The innovations in contingent workforce management in a VMS with the most market and customer impact are being shown by just three VMS software vendors, and one of them is Nétive.”.

Position Nétive

On the significance of the outcome of the report:”We’re proud on the recognition of our VMS in the report. Compared to all evaluated globally active VMS vendors, we’re rated 5th with small differences on generic functionality measured on configurability and ease of use. And – strikingly as an originally purely Dutch player in the field – rated 4th on global program support. We’re proud on these rankings”, as Neddermeijer concludes, “and these represent our continuing investments in functionality, ease of use and configurability of our solution. Of course, we aspire a globally recognized number 1 position (a position occupied for quite some time in The Netherlands) and given our choice to partner with Salesforce for providing the technology of our solution, this aspiration is certainly not an unrealistic goal.”.

About Nétive

Founded in 2003, Nétive has achieved more than 140 successful implementations for clients. The organization consists of 28 full time employees, and focuses on creating state of the art software to manage all facets of contingent workforce, including recruitment and management of perm or temporary staff and independent contractors. Procurement to pay. The workforce management system has become an integrated suite consisting of an applicant tracking system (ATS), vendor management system (VMS) and freelancer management system (FMS), offering total talent management for both procurement and human resources departments. For inquiries, please contact Nétive, or Chris Neddermeijer directly via (+31)62-220-3857.